FreeMind: 本月SourceForge推荐项目


FreeMind: 本月SourceForge推荐项目

本月:2006-02 SourceForge推荐项目:FreeMind


下载:FreeMind是用Java写成的,需要有Java 1.4 也有Windows下的安装工具。

0 开源,免费,程序速度快;
1 画思路图最重要的一点就是随心所欲,而FreeMind的操作:包括节点的创建等大部分操作可以通过键盘操作,可以在思路不受任何干扰的情况下进行节点的扩展操作;
2 而完成后的思路树整理,也可以通过节点的托拽进行;
3 新版的增加了 undo 和各种图标操作;

更新:2月18日 被Solidot了一把;

感谢老肖: 教了我一招,将我整理的FreeMind简介附在下面

Why do you think your project has been so well received? 项目为什么成功

Juan: It is easy to use, intuitive, and powerful.

Dan: It fills an important gap, and in doing so, it has or at least
had virtually no free or open source competition. Though it’s
multi-platform by means of Java, it is fast.

Christian: The usability is the most important goal of our software.
FreeMind is intuitive to use and can be controlled nearly entirely by
the keyboard. Thus, you can enter your thoughts quickly and then
concentrate on the map itself. But for the times that the ideas slow
down, there are enough little features to discover or to play with.


Where do you see your project going? 项目的发展方向

Dan: I imagine the project going toward an office suite, as strange
as it may seem. But that does not prevent addition of features in the
mind-mapping direction, like library of graphics or more visual aids.

Christian: My main goal is the usability. As Eclipse is the master of
usability, I’d like to introduce more of its spirit into FreeMind.

What’s on your project wish list? 项目的需求

Dan: FreeMind’s wish list includes pasting of Rich Text Format into
FreeMind, WYSIWYG editing of rich text including mathematical formulas,
export to and import from more formats including presentation software
like Microsoft PowerPoint and Impress, more searching
options, and inclusion of bitmap images directly in mind maps
(currently, images are linked only).

Cristian: My wish list contains scripting plus spreadsheet
functionality and a good collaboration mode. But FreeMind has to remain
easy and fast.

Juan: More expressiveness (types of links, clouds, backgrounds, etc.), new icons, and better interaction.

What are you most proud of? 项目最自豪的一面

Dan: I’m most proud of the simplicity and elegance of the user
interface. I am also proud to hear that the software has changed
people’s lives. It has changed my life for sure.

Juan: The software is easy to use.
Christian: My recent developments: undo and the plugin mechanisms, both via Design Patterns.

How do you coordinate the project? 如何协同开发

Our team consists of only a few people, so everybody knows what to
do. We do not assign bugs. We use email and the main open discussion
forum, and patches.

Do you work on the project full-time, or do you have another job? 花多少时间在项目上

We all work on it part-time.

If you work on the project part-time, how much time would you say you spend, per week, on it?

It varies between two or three to 12 to 20, depending on the week.

What is your development environment like? 开发环境

Christian: Mainly I develop using Debian Etch under x86 with Eclipse. On the road, I use my Powerbook running Mac OS X 10.3.

Dan: I run Microsoft Windows 98 and XP, using the standard Java compiler, no debugger, and XEmacs for source code editing.

Dimitri: 866MHz Intel Pentium III, 512MB RAM, Windows 2000, Eclipse 3.0, Java SDK 1.4.2 and 1.5.0, YourKit Java Profiler 4.0.1.

Juan: Eclipse with MTASC, Flashout, and ASDT.

Eclipse 🙂

Milestones: 里程碑

* 0.8.0 (2005-09-06)
* 0.7.1 (2004-02-15)
* 0.6.1 (2003-02-08)
* 0.5 (2002-08-24)
* 0.4 (2001-07-06)

Future Plans

* Add custom attributes
* Add filtering of nodes based on icons, texts, and values of custom attributes
* Add WYSIWYG HTML editing of long text nodes by means of Kafenio Java editor
* Add custom icons

How can others contribute?

Others can contribute suggestions and visual ideas. We need help
testing the applications and reporting the results to the forums. We
urgently need more documentation: tutorials and manuals. We can also use
a Flash introduction, and patches that implement functions requested in
Requests for Enhancements. Java developers are invited to discuss their
enhancements in our Open Discussion forum. Anyone wanting to help in
development is welcome.

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